In short

Born 1983 – Grown up in Berlin – Since then lived in New York, Randers, Chemnitz, Karlsruhe, Copenhagen and am back in Berlin since 2018 – Two kids 2019 + 2022 –

Intercultural Trainer / Coach 2006 – Theatre-educationalist 2008 – Qualified Practitioner of the Grinberg Method 2013 – Pantarei Approach Practitioner 2015 – Doula Training 2016 – Co-Active Coach 2021 – Systemic Team Coaching Certificate 2024 – State certified alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie) 2024

Why is this page in English? I want to have a simple website and I want it to be available to you beyond Berlin. My mothertongue is German and I speak fluent Danish though, so just talk to me in any way that is most comfortable for you.

More Words

I’m fascinated by utopia. And utopians, who are looking for ways to bring more peace, more love and more honest connection to the world. Also, I think that sounds super cheesy. But it’s true.

When I was young, I spent a lot of time with people who were committed to peace. Peace Education was our motto and we organized many different formats for international and intercultural exchange. Workshops, exchange programs, conferences… most of it was volunteering, hence with a lot of commitment and with big, perhaps even utopian goals.

Then I got involved with theater. Again I met many very committed people who were dedicated to their art. They gave everything with the goal of a great performance that would move the audience, touch something important in them. Also a bit utopian.

I have been working as a body therapist and coach for around 15 years and meet people from many different contexts… who give everything for their team, for their cause and trying to live up to their own high standards of being a person.

Another group of utopians I am curious about are parents… I meet this in myself and others around me: a group that largely approaches themselves and their situation with utopian goals, wishes and requirements… not to mention expectations or perceived expectations by others.

I love the passion I meet in all of these people and their wish to leave a meaningful imprint in the world. How can we change anything in the world, if not by looking for utopia?

At the same time, utopia is a state we will never reach. There will always be something more we could do. Which is where it can get tricky and where I see many try to continue on the expense of their own well being (Note – I’m including my past self in this). Which is when their utopia seems to move even further away and disillusion can lure around the corner…

Sometimes I am curious how much of what we’re trying is utopian and how much is actually a matter of paying attention, acknowledging what is currently real and what might then be the next step?

Is it taking a break? Acknowledging a wrong? Moving into action? Healing an old pain? Communicating a boundary? Finding connection? Having fun?

I found that the body is a great place to start paying attention as well as acknowledging what is, as it is in and through the body that we experience ourselves, our connection to others and the world. And it is so beautifully tangible and practiceable, to experiment and create change with the body.

If you want to know more… about my path til today or about how integrating your body more into your journey could look like for you, let’s talk.

I work in German, English and Danish as a Bodybased Coach and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie)

Ethics and such

I have regular supervision and continue learning and personal coaching or therapy, to expand continuously my lense and capacity to hold experiences. I’m a member and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coaching Federation ICF as well as a member of VFP (Verband Freier Psychotherapeuten)