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Resolving conflict first through the body

Believe it or not, the conflict and judgments you feel towards yourself and others, sits in your body. Those stuck emotions and heavy thoughts are stored physically in your body. And when I work with clients, we work on the body first because it is wonderful at telling the truth.

It will tell us if you are sad, angry, upset, frustrated about something or simply need to rest. It will also tell us what you’re longing for and how you can use your strengths to move in the direction that you desire.


What do I mean when I say conflict?

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By working with the body, we can undo and loosen the hold the conflict has on you, and from here you can see the problem clearer and make better choices from a position of power.

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But it doesn’t just stop there …


If you want to change something in your current situation, have my support in the journey and reignite your sense of play – have a look here on how we could work together.

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ANINIA - Embodied Collaboration
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