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When we transform our relationship with internal and external conflicts, we learn to play with our challenges

I work with the Body to transform conflict because the body is simple and effective. It tells the truth. It doesn’t lie. It doesn’t pretend or wish things were different. It just says … yes, no and sometimes ‘maybe’ or ‘not yet…’. But the body always reveals what is really going on. And from the place of honesty and truth, the body shows us what needs to be done next. Often, the next steps are much simpler and easier than what our mind expects. I’m always in awe of what comes through a session, and the impact it has on the clients I work with.

There are two ways you can work with me. You can purchase individual sessions or purchase a package based on what’s going on in your life. If you are unsure which option to choose and want to talk through what is going on in your life, I offer a complimentary Discovery Session which is 15 minute call where we can discuss your personal situation and needs.

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Individual sessions are always available for those who want a one-off session or “just a couple” of sessions. The first session takes a bit longer and goes for 75-80min. Standard sessions go for 1 hour.

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I have created three packages for those who want more structure and support during times of conflict, stress or transition. The first package works best for those who have an immediate issue that needs concentrated attention.

The other two packages are for those working with either a more complex issue that will take a bit more time and practice to transform… or for those wanting to find a more playful way to be and express themselves.

#1: Clearing Conflict for Personal Power Package

This package is purely bodywork focused and it is a great package for two different types of people / situations:

  • If you are someone who is interested in wellbeing and likes to have regular bodywork sessions as way to reconnect and gain perspective. This package allows you to save some money while also scheduling your sessions in advance so your needs are met. You can spread your sessions out monthly or have them closer together depending on what’s going on in your life.
  • If you are someone who is experiencing a high stress situation that needs immediate attention. Four sessions allows us to unravel a lot it a short period of time. You can do all in a week or in a month, depending on your needs. It’s a very potent way to work and is very transformational.

This package includes:
• 4 x Private Bodywork Sessions

Please note: All four sessions must be used up within 4 months of the first session. Sessions cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Please email if you want to know more.


#2: Clearing Conflict and Igniting Your Inner Sense of Play Package (3 Months)

This package is designed for those who have an incredibly busy schedule and lots of “stuff” going on. And they know that without a clear structure and support, nothing is going to change in their life.

They are so busy, they need to schedule “transformation time” into their diary. This package has a strong focus on Bodywork but it also includes elements of creative expression and playfulness. Once some of the struggles and issues are resolved, energy will be freed up and rather than fill-ing the void with more of the “old stuff”, we want to use this energy towards something you really want to create.

This three month package includes:
• 9 x Private Bodywork Sessions
• 3 x 30 minute Online Coaching Call for Creative Explorations
• Your Personal Practice according to your Needs

Please note: Payment Plans are available for this package. Please book a call below to find out more.

Please email if you want to know more.


#3: Pure Play Package (3 Months)

This package is designed for those who want to assess and express more of their creativity in the world. It might be a creative project that you have a deep desire to launch, or it could be that you don’t think you are creative at all and want to explore where to begin. Everything and anything is welcome!

This package is 50% bodywork, 50% creative explorations. Here we use the body to guide the creative explorations. What to do, who to connect with, how to bring the ideas to life … Connecting the wisdom of body and mind allows us to shortcut the creative process.

This 3 month package includes:
• 3 x Private Bodywork Sessions (ie. one per month)
• 3 x 30 minute Online Coaching Call
• Your Personal Practice according to your Needs

Please note: Payment Plans are available for this package. Please book a call below to find out more.

Please email if you want to know more.


FAQ’s on Body-based Coaching

How long is a session?
Typically 60minutes. The first session usually takes about 75-80minutes and other longer sessions are available on request, if relevant.

How to prepare for the session?
Before the first session you receive an Introductory Letter and the link to a form (New Client Form), where you will be asked to answer a couple of questions to prepare for your first session.
Generally I recommend to no eat big meals 1-2 hrs before our session and to arrive with time to go to the toilet, get a glass of water or what else you need to start your session well.

How to dress for a session?
There is no special clothing required for the sessions. Most sessions are conducted partially clothed or in underwear, depending on how you are the most comfortable.

What happens in a session?
In the first session, we determine why you’re here and what you want to achieve. Then I assess what is going on in your body as a result of the situation and I use questions as well as hands on touch to transform and resolve the situation.
You will get techniques and resources around breathing and working with the body that you can integrate as practices into your everyday life.

How many sessions should I take?
When people initially start working with me, they typically people book 3-4 sessions. If you are unsure which option to choose and want to talk through what is going on in your life, email to to book a Discovery Call so we can talk about which option suits you best.

Can I come for sessions during pregnancy?
YES! And with pleasure. Unless you have any specific instructions by your physician, you are welcome. Bodywork sessions have been a great support in preparing for the transition of becoming a parent, preparing for giving birth as well as staying in contact with your own body when being responsible for your child.

Can I have online sessions?
It is possible for clients in a bodywork process, to book additional online-call sessions, if time between in person meetings would otherwise stretch for too long. Book a Discovery Session, to find out more about the options for your personal situation, if you’re not permanently in either Copenhagen or Berlin.

What is the cancellation policy?
You may reschedule or cancel your session up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled date for a full refund less any credit card processing fees.
Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to your session are non-refundable.
Single-Sessions may be transferred onto a friend 12 hours prior by emailing to with their name and contact details.

The bodywork and coaching sessions are a training to expand and focus your (body-) attention. They do not claim to heal, to be an alternative medicine or a massage therapy. Bodywork sessions are not to be a substitute for any kind of required treatment, physical or mental.

  • “Aninia has a very special ability to understand the body and its reactions to pain. She is thorough, trusting and not least, a good teacher.”

    – Stine, 28

  • “… to just see what happens and enjoy the moment. This is a great gift. Thank you for it.”

    – Anne, 32

  • “I have been going to Grinberg Sessions with Aninia … This gives me more freedom in being who I want to be both in the workplace and in my personal, close relationships.”

    – Dorthe, Head of Payroll, 42

  • “I learnt to open up to our physical language as the mirror reflection of our mental state, and to date I can say this led to better control and confidence in dealing with both good and hard times.”

    – Francesca, Project Manager, 35


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