Oh these moments, when you just wish for something to happen – big or small – and have no idea how to bend reality so that it will turn out my way.
It might be because it feels like too big of a wish (as I wrote about the other day), but sometimes it’s also because it feels like too little a wish. Like… it would be nice and so convenient, but also life would continue fine without this.

I learned about serendipity because of my friend, Daniela. When ‘it’ happens and is even more perfect, than even formulated in the wish. It feels like magic. Like the universe does listen. I had known of the experience… lucky accidents or things that appear to happen and fit right into what I want or need, without me actively doing anything for it. But from her I learned the word.

Arriving here in Berlin, I had decided that I want to keep my ‘everyday map’ rather small, so that I don’t have to use a lot of time in traffic in my daily life. Instead I wanted to have the capacity when I want to visit a friend somewhere a bit further, to say ‘sure, I’ll take the trip’.

Daily activities I want to have close. With grocery shopping that is easy. With finding a studio to work in it is easy. With ice-cream places is it easy. I found all those. I even found a dance place – not a perfect place, but a good enough place that I could go to weekly if I wanted, in walking distance
And then I thought, it would be nice to have another kind of movement thing with a good teacher where I get challenged physically, get to sweat, something I wouldn’t do on my own but with company… some sort of movement that isn’t within my comfort zone. But that is close to my home!

The other day – I’m about to walk up the stairs in my home and this women comes from the backyard and says ‚hey, I haven’t seen you here‘ and we start chatting. Turns out she is a yoga teacher, living in the same building and she is teaching a class twice a week in the backyard house! Of my home!
Tried it the next day. Enjoyed the training. Bahm, here we go a weekly movement.

What does it have to do with Daniela and serendipity?
She once gave a short talk on how to prepare for serendipity. Which is a contradiction in itself, but I have felt it so powerfully and won’t forget this sentence since:


Breathe. Remember what you wish for without knowing how it should happen.


I know, it sounds simple. And it is simple.

Because… I wish for something almost all of the time.
This sentence helps me remember that things can happen in a way that I don’t expect. And then in the time of wishing when nothing is happening (i.e. when I’m still preparing) I at least have energy and an open body, so that when something does happens I can act. Like start talking with that lady and grab the chance to go for the movement class.

And with every breath that I take as I am preparing, I can relax a little bit of my wish to bend reality the way that I want it (because I can’t do that anyways). It’s an effort that isn’t helpful and that would just be draining me of the energy to enjoy the moment of whatever else will pop up.

Like yesterday, when I came home after work and felt a moment of loneliness and missing my friends who are far away and thought… it would be soo nice to receive mail. Like physical, personal mail from someone. And opening the letterbox I can’t believe what I see: a letter. From Daniela! With this card in it.

The water came to my eyes. I felt deeply. And right now I’m going back to breathing and having no idea how things should happen.

Remembering magic.


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