Questions about embodied integrity

When I look back at how I lived integrity earlier I see a paradox that is part in making it challenging. And I have observed this in other people, who value it strongly, too.
When we are talking about a subject that is painful or uncomfortable, an act of integrity would be not to avoid something coming my way, that I have called upon myself. Or, even worse, if I have caused it for others as well. We could probably easily agree, that if I won’t wish for others to be able to move freely and express their opinions freely, and instead I just make sure that I can do whatever I want – this would not be an act of integrity.

So, if I’m in a leadership position and I promise and make sure that everyone else around me feels free and healthy, and at the same time I don’t take care of my own well-being, but slowly burn my energy resources, never giving up or resting.
Could that still be considered acting with integrity then?

Am I acting with integrity, if I have high moral intentions but am unable to do so at the level that I would like to, due to exhaustion or lack of emotional „surplus“ because I’m drained?

I believe, especially in the light of the current state of world politics and the way public communication works, that we, as people with integrity, need to be more consequent and add this element to our definition of integrity.
Taking care of our personal well-being is important. We should not be allowing others to burn us out and leave us behind. There are so many causes and reasons to fight for others, that we (as the world) cannot afford to lose our minds, our bodies, our living to being drained by people who just don’t care about the well being of anyone. (By the looks of it, not even their own.)

In my experience, integrity is an intentional process rather than a goal. We need to act and move in the world. As we do so, we make mistakes, we learn about new things that we didn’t even notice could be a relevant subject for our integrity. And we continue.

And I believe we can strengthen our impact on the world and the well-being of the people in it if we use the physical experience of integrity as a compass to take care of our actions.

More on this and an exercise for those of you like concrete, physical tools will follow here next monday.

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