Let’s move from hard work to practice

My friend Peter wrote a text on building your passion, which I read this week. I found his approach refreshing and was inspired to think… I totally agree with him as he describes that ‘finding your passion’ is not only vague but also much less interesting and inspiring than actually building your passion. He so beautifully frames passion to be about how we approach and dive into subjects rather than about ‘finally finding the one activity or subject.‘ And I agree with him. I believe we can be passionate about many things in many different ways.
However – there is one step which he mentions to building your passion, that made me listen up: ‘hard work‘.

I’ve met this in many places: A feeling that for moving on, for learning, for growing and achieving something great somehow there is a need for hard work. And it makes me cringe and miss all the pleasure that I previously experienced, when thinking of really going for something.

‘Hard work‘ makes me think of hard muscles, stiff joints and frowns. It makes me think of sitting still and losing the ability to play. Suddenly what I’m passionate about becomes tough and there is no space for rest or recharging until the ‚hard work is done’. Hard work feels like powering through, no matter how tired, how in love or how intrigued am … based on a decision taken in the beginning of a process to then comes to an end. (I don’t think this is what Peter meant, I’m merely referring to my personal physical experience, when I hear those words…)

I would like to reframe this and say, that to get there, let’s practice.
A practice is a sustainable approach to me. It also means, to continuously train and to continuously do the steps necessary, in order to arrive where we want. For a practice, I do commit to doing something not only for the pleasure of the moment but for the process that is formed and for the longer term effect. But in practice there is an option to move. And option to slightly change and try a bit of a different angle. A practice holds an intention and adapts to the moment.
In practice, there is a sence of flow and of pauses. The body needs phases of recovery and restoration in order to be able to take the next step with full energy. As I practice, I know each step creates the base for the next to grow on.

For example, I’ve been asked, if it isn’t hard to start over now in Berlin. Because again, I have to start from the beginning…
I don’t even remember, how many times I’ve started in a new place since high school… Around 5-7 times. And while I know, this time it’s is an old place at the same time, it somehow still is new.

In the past, it was always exciting but also it felt like a lot of hard work. To get started. To find people. To learn the new language. To arrive in a place and create a community. And I didn’t always enjoy it and it certainly did feel hard some times. But every time, I learned something new.

Moving somewhere and starting new seems to be somewhat of a passion of mine. I don’t remember deciding this consciously, it’s more like I find myself doing this again.
I didn’t even know, that I was practicing for this move. But I did, every time. And in between I did other things and rested and played. And then this time, when it was time to move, I could do all the steps with the experience of my practice and with the energy of having had some years of rest, where I didn’t move, as well. I could take care of this project of moving my base.

Here we go – the transition is fun and with all it’s excitement, the emotional intensity and unknown components it is still relaxed, pleasurable and maybe most importantly I don’t feel rushed.

The spring is coming to Berlin and it is giving so much energy and joy. The trees are blooming. And I’m sitting outside in the street cafés, drinking coffee, eating ice-cream and thinking about the next step to take…

If you’re currently working on something you care about deeply and  would like to find a way to make the process sustainable for yourself, so that you can enjoy more and find your practice, I would love to have a chat with you. Maybe together we can find a way to reframe what feels like hard work right now… Contact me for a free 15min Discovery call and let’s see what we find out.

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