Ending 2016 with a Dance of Reflection…

And I would say even when something ends, you gotta dance because the world keeps moving. Or at least – I gotta dance!

Today, we did the transition, handing over to the new board of the IAGMP and in the end, I had to dance.

Throughout the last two years, I have been a member of the board of the international association for Grinberg method practitioners. Restructuring an organization, together with a wonderful team, to create a member-driven, participatory environment. Based on our common approach to the body and our common wish for working ethically and with a high quality-standard for our clients.


IAGMP-Logo-member2It wasn’t always easy. At all. There were many conflicts we met and challenges to deal with along the way. But what kept me going was a strong desire for us as practitioners to have a space where we interact freely and practice on a professional level, what we otherwise teach our clients in individual and group sessions.



And this year, as I’m going out and handing over to a new board, we agreed on a new code of ethics and standard for our members (regular supervision, further training…) which I’m gladly committing to

I don’t know if this is as exciting for you as it is for me. But I am just so happy! Throughout the times of challenge and conflict I often had this image (and the actually physical need) of dancing with the impulses coming in from different directions. Using my team as dance partners and other impulses maybe as the restrictions within which I can move more freely.

So – we did this transitional conversation today, to the new board and after I left the conversation, there was this moment of awkward emptiness. Almost restless, I was thinking of what to do now, knowing that they are now continuing the work – this dance – without me.

And I decided to dance on my own. I was in my kitchen, doing a little goodbye dance – moving my legs and arms with the restlessness instead of holding myself to „be calm, let go“ I used the energy of this letting go to jump around my kitchen. And I can only recommend it – it was a lovely experience – even if it was just for the amusing, silly moment to celebrate this farewell.

2017 will be an exciting year. I will tell you more about the lovely things that I’m planning on investing more time in. For now, I just want to wish you a wonderful month of December. A wonderful transition between the years and projects.
And maybe some time for a dance or two.



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  • “Tænker tit på dig og alt det du har åbnet op for mig. Jeg står stærkt i mig selv, stærk nok til at jeg kan hjælpe andre med at stå på deres måde.”

    / Hans Peter

  • “…hun er en fantastisk historie-fortæller med en no-nonsense måde at tale om personlig udvikling.”

    / Magdalena, trainer & facilitator

  • “Du hjalp mig meget med at komme ud af en slags boble jeg har været i siden ulykken.”

    / Astrid, 42 år

  • “Aninia har én helt særlig evne til at sætte sig ind i kroppen og dens reaktion på smerte. Hun er grundig, tillidsfuld og ikke mindst en god formidler.”

    / Stine, 28


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