Learning Well Being like Dancing

I want a way to be well that is more like learning dancing, than like searching for all of your flaws, fixing them and then trying to do it “right”. To have and offer a place where you can learn to be more well and this includes the pleasure and the fight, the repetition and the clarity. The frustration at times and trying again, and having the tool of paying attention to a new area again, „to improve your dancing“ – increase your being well and enjoying life.

Learning as a client in my first Grinberg process felt in a similar way. I came with a move that I wanted to learn (being able to sit without pain in my low back), my practitioner showed me what I do with my back and let me experience how I can hold the area around the pain in different ways. I experienced and practiced what will happen, if I do that. At some point I realized that holding my back in a specific way reminds me of how I felt when I was a child. Realizing that made it easier to notice when I held my back, but what I had to do is practice relaxing the back. I had to practice very basic steps – tense and release, push and release. Notice and release.

I like, that with my clients today I don’t have to find their definition, the one thing that we have to resolve in their past. What I train with them is how they can feel more of their body and what it is doing in the moments they’re not feeling well. I show them from my experience of learning to be more aware of my body and knowing that in order for something to change, they’ll have to practice.
What I show them, is to use areas of their body with awareness that haven’t been in their attention before. How they can flex and relax areas that felt out of their control in pain, or weak.

My intention is for them to notice how a change in one area of their body, might change the perception of a situation or symptom. How they can pay attention to what they need in order to be more well. From my experience of how I train with my body, to relax or tense up, to breathe in different ways, to notice more details of where I hold effort in which situations.
Sometimes this learning comes with revelations or memories about the past. And there is a need to feel this, while not being alone. Sometimes there are no such experiences and we’re just working with the remainders of an old accident. In both cases they can train to let go of the effort they’re doing today. In the area connected to the symptom they’re dealing with.
Basically what I want to do is find new things my client can pay attention to, in order to see if adjustment in this area can create a change in the over all experience of being well. Be that breathing differently, going to a thorough check with their doctor, relaxing the shoulders or moving to a new apartment…

For me Body Learning – Being Well with the Grinberg Method is a physical training and a training of attention similar to dancing. You learn the basic steps, train the things that are difficult for you and get personal feedback from a teacher. Then you practice, decide in which areas you want to use which moves and develop your own style. You interact with the music and the people around you and interpret what you perceive with your body. And as in dancing – the more trained you are, the more options and little details you will be able to perceive – in your own movement, your partner and the world around you, gaining inspiration for your moves and play.

Maybe you’ll even use some of the qualities that you had to drop to learn something new in the beginning and learn to use them in a way that gives you more options.
Like learning to lead as well and practice a whole other set of moves and styles to play with.

Photo by Stefan Ansorge

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  • “Aninia has a very special ability to understand the body and its reactions to pain. She is thorough, trusting and not least, a good teacher.”

    – Stine, 28

  • “… to just see what happens and enjoy the moment. This is a great gift. Thank you for it.”

    – Anne, 32

  • “I have been going to Grinberg Sessions with Aninia … This gives me more freedom in being who I want to be both in the workplace and in my personal, close relationships.”

    – Dorthe, Head of Payroll, 42

  • “I learnt to open up to our physical language as the mirror reflection of our mental state, and to date I can say this led to better control and confidence in dealing with both good and hard times.”

    – Francesca, Project Manager, 35


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