Search your feelings…

So for a long time I actively resisted watching Star Wars.
Because of course I wouldn’t do something, just because everyone did it.
Really, really not. (Oh, the pride.)

But of course I couldn’t avoid knowing about quotes, the voice of Darth Vader (him in the lego canteen for example, only because I followed Eddie Izzard though), citations in other movies that I did watch, articles, conversations with friends… I also knew about May 4th.

(I thought) I had some kind of impression of what it is. Star. Wars.
Something about space and battles and aliens killing each other. And for some reason it is more of a classical ‘boys thing‘ but on the other hand also main-streamy (otherwise the ‘boys thing’ could have been a motivator to watch it anyways). And sometime during this last year I read about it is an example of how much women in popular culture are under-represented in the lead-roles or when they are, they are portrayed as weak sex-slaves in golden bikinis.

So my old resistance was accompanied by some new arguments. Still not interested in watching it.
However. Last weekend I started. I let myself be taken by the hand and be introduced to this piece of culture.

And now I’m wondering – how could I get such an impression? Was it because I didn’t want to be interested, that I only heard the uninspiring stuff? Or is the image kind of distorted by the black masks and the light-sword?

It turns out, I liked it. It turns out the Princess is a strong woman who kills the beast (I guess, I can’t be a spoiler about a movie from the 70’s) – wearing a golden bikini in one scene, and in no way is this the image of what a woman should be that I get from watching the whole thing (or… you know, episodes 4, 5 and 6 to start with). The evil forces are men or aliens (…not very progressive… but still, it’s the 70’s). The (good) rebels are mostly women – except the fighters (ok, there is still some way to go here).

The most surprising thing for me though was, that the strongest force of the universe are not the fighters, not the battleships, not the death star or anything… it’s intuition.

The strongest sentence: ‚search your feelings‘ – and then you will know what to do. You can sense, when someone you love is close to you. You can sense what is important for you and the world.

Maybe we need the battleships and never ending car-races (… well… strange, alienmotorcycles-races with stormtroopers,…) and stars and light speed to get many people into the cinema; but the message is actually one of training your intuition.

Listening to your sensation. Closing your eyes and paying attention with the body.

I guess, I joined the other side.
(Alex, I have a couple of questions about the story line and the twin sister… )

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