Do-It-Yourself Journey

If you like to do things on your own and would like to start training now, here are some resources to get you started. To receive more exercises and updates, sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Attention to Breathing – the most basic exercise of them all
For me, becoming aware of my breathing during any activity and playing around with it a little bit can make a big difference in how well I am. Finding more diverse rhythm and intensity of breathing gives me a lot of energy.

Every Thursday at 1pm CEST I share a few thoughts and a new exercise in a Facebook-Live-video. Join me, if you like.

Go deeper:


Guided body attention exercises to train in a focused and quiet environment





About the Book:

A question I had and continuously carry with me, is how to live intensely (connecting to people on a personal level, daring new things, confronting things I disagree with, being vulnerable with others) without burning out myself or others. Thus, how can I stay present in everyday life?
“Everyday Presence” is the first attempt to structure and share part of the process that is my personal answer to this question.
I refused to drop my utopia and set out to find ways to gain energy and presence in everyday life. And with the book give an example of a practice for presence.
A physical description illustrated so beautifully by Emma Ekstam. Enjoy.

2 x Everyday Presence – One for you, one for your friend 150 DKK / 20 €

You can buy it from me personally, find it at your bookstore around the corner or order online here or here.

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